Earlimart Middle School Uniform Policy

Uniforms will continue to be required at Earlimart Middle School this year. 

Color Options:

Students will have color choices of black and khaki (not brown or green) for pants (shorts & skirts of acceptable length); and black, white, grey, brown, and dark green for collared shirts. Uniforms must be worn everyday. Special "Free Dress" days throughout the year will be announced by administration.

General Guidelines: 

Dress and appearance standards are in effect during all times: at school, on the way to school, on the way home from school, at any school function or activity regardless of location, and at any other Earlimart School District campus and/or function.

A student may not remain in the classroom dressed in a manner which

  1. creates a safety hazard for said student or for other students,
  2. constitutes a serious or unnecessary distraction to the learning process,
  3. tends to disrupt the campus order, or
  4. is in conflict with the district's goals and philosophy regarding the prevention of substance abuse and gang activity.  

Examples of unacceptable attire include but are not limited to: halter tops, mid drift tops, tank tops, garments with spaghetti straps, short skirts or dresses, ripped jeans, and baggy or over-sized clothing. 

Before purchasing clothing for their children, parents are strongly urged to consider the possible gang implications of all clothing with logos or insignia. It is not our purpose to dictate s[specific dress, but rather to ensure that our students will be dressed in such a way as to maximize their school experience. Decency and safety are the guidelines by which the principal will make all decisions regarding clothing.  

Students that wear unacceptable clothing will be required to change to acceptable dress. All time missed form class due to unacceptable dress must be made up in detention.